We’re are 3 weeks into the new year, and hopefully, you’re still going strong on your new year’s resolutions! If you planned to lose weight and get fit, we’re here to help you on your journey!

4 Surefire Super Set Exercise for a Perfectly Flat Belly and Abs

Here are some of the most effective exercises to help tone your belly.
▶️ 4 supersets with 15-sec rest between ⏯

1. Knee-to-elbow 20 reps per leg
2. Crunch kicks 30 reps
1. Leg raises 20 reps per leg
2. Flutter kicks 15 per leg
1. Single leg toe touch 30 reps left
2. Single leg toe touch 30 reps right
1. V-ups 40 reps
2. Side plank hip dips 20 per side.

Always remember that building and toning your abs will only go as far as how good your diet is!

If there’s a thick layer of fat on top of your abs you will need to make sure you shed that before you see more of the results.

See the video guide below:

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