In the case of overweight, belly fat deserves critical attention because it is the hardest part of the body to reduce. And even though everyone would love to have a spectacular body with a flat stomach, it would not be an easy task. Time and effort must be dedicated to achieving this objective. Physical exercise and workouts combined with an adequate and balanced diet are key to achieve the desired goal.

7 Exercises To Naturally Burn Belly Fat Fast

You should also know that belly fat is very unhealthy and can be a risk factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

According to a study, even normal-weight people with excess belly fat can be at risk for diseases associated with a high death rate.

Causes of excess belly fat

  • High consumption of sugary foods and drinks, such as sweets, cakes or soft drinks.
  • Consumption of alcoholic substances in large quantities can cause inflammation and health problems, including liver problems. Another study also found a link between alcohol intake and abdominal obesity.
  • Trans fats are very unhealthy fats that are used to preserve certain foods such as cakes. And according to a study, these fatty acids leads to obesity based on an experiment on monkeys.
  • Inactivity is another cause of excess belly fat. According to a study, inactivity is also a cause of abdominal obesity in both men and women.
  •  Menopause is associated with weight gain and increased visceral fat.

7 exercises to do every day to reduce belly fat fast

1. Standing Lateral Crunch with Dumbbell

Stand by holding dumbbells first in one hand then in both hands, bend to the left side and hold for a few seconds, then do the exercise on the other side. Repeat this exercise a dozen times.


2. Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Standing, with your feet extended and joined in the yoga position and working on the breath, bend forward while trying to touch your toes with your hands. Remain in this position for a minute. Do 12 reps.

3. The mountain climber

You start with a plank position and you work the legs such that you change your leg every time, by lifting your knees close to your chest.

4. V-UPS

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Lie down on your back with your arms and legs stretched out straightly upwards and downwards. Raise one leg and try to reach the toes with both hands while lifting the torso. Do the same thing again, lifting both legs together at the same time. Do 12 reps.

5. The bicycle

Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head and lift your right leg while trying to touch the left elbow and vice versa, rotating the body.

6. The knee-to-elbow board

Lie on your hand as with the position of the plank, bend your right knee to the right elbow and repeat the exercise with the other knee. Do 12 reps.

7. The board

In the board position, hold your elbows at a 90-degree angle and try to hold as long as possible.

Extra tips to lose belly fat quickly

In combination with the physical exercises above, you should also :

  •  Consume foods rich in soluble fiber;
  •  Stop taking alcoholic drinks;
  •  Avoid or lower exposure to stress;
  •  Avoid taking refined sugar;
  •  Get adequate sleep (7 to 8 hours);
  •  Consume probiotics;
  •  Consume foods rich in omega-3;
  •  Drink green tea during the day;
  •  Do resistance training like lifting weight.
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