Is it possible to increase the size of your butt? Yes! It is very possible. The butt is one of the most workable parts of your body since it is made up of fat and muscle.

4 Surefire Exercises To Get A Bigger, Rounder Glutes, And Fatter Bum Very Fast

The more the muscles you build in this part of the body, the bigger, perkier, and more rounder your butt will become! But, to build a big, round butt, you also need to work some of the surrounding muscle sets so that your butt is “well lifted” and rounded.

Here are some simple exercise workout routines to get you started.

This workout routine consists of just four simple moves. Follow the extra tips at the end of this post for the most powerful effects in the shortest amount of time!

1. Alternating Side Lunge

alternating side lunge

This first move is known as the alternating side lunges. Do this exercise routine for 60 seconds and, if possible, use some light dumbbells or filled water bottles in both hands to add some weight to the exercise! Stand upright, then lunge to one side. Return to initial position and alternate to the other side.

2. Donkey Kicks

donkey kicks

This next move is donkey kicks. Do this for 30 seconds on both sides by balancing on your hands and knees and lifting one bent leg towards the ceiling.

3. Forward Lunge With Reverse Lunge

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forward lunge with reverse lunge

This exercise is forward and reverse lunge. For 30 seconds on each side, first move is to step into a forward lunge, return the starting position, and then step back into a reverse lunge.


4. Sumo Squat

sumo squat

Finally, the sumo squat! Maximize the effects by using a kettlebell and repeat for 60 seconds.

How To Get A Big Butt Fast At Home

You should know that doing these workout routines once alone, will not get you a perkier or rounder butt… but you are sure to start feeling the effects!

If you really intend to get a better butt, you need to dedicate a few weeks to it and focus on this part to achieve the butt you want.

There are several ways to approach your workout routine, but a progressive method is most preferable.

Do this moves once on the first day, 2 times the next day, 3 times the 3rd day, and then take a break, like a “rest day” so your muscles can relax and work on rebuilding.

This approach builds your endurance and it’s going to get you the perfect butt very fast.

Another very important note is that you don’t go too far. Overworking your butt can actually slow down the progress.

You might even become so fatigued and worn out that you start feeling too lazy to do any workout or even to simply move around. Always make sure to give your body the break it needs to rest and regenerate energy.

Also, do not forget that the only way to become stronger is to feed your body with more protein so your muscles can heal and grow after each workout session, so also be very mindful of your diet for the best results!

If you take the time to implement all these tips and you give it a little dedication, you’re going to see results in no time at all.

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